Friday, September 12, 2008

Roofing Decision... Finally

We finally made a roofing decision for the goat shed and got the supplies ordered this morning. We're going to sheet the roof with OSB and then install metal roofing over top like every other building on this property. Its not painted, just plain galvanized and should be delivered here on Tuesday.

We're sacrificing the extra light that the plastic would've given and added strength, probably a decent trade off, really. Price wise, it turns out that OSB plus metal is a tiny bit cheaper, but almost comparable to the plastic.

The siding dilemma continues, however ;) Since my initial pricing out of materials, our design changed a bit, so I need to reprice it out and see what the actual price differences are and then make a decision.

Its supposed to rain today and on and off all weekend... we'll see what actually happens though, often they SAY rain all day and then its not... or they say occasional showers and it rains all damned day. We may get the OSB roof sheeting up with weekend if we can find enough dry spells... then perhaps cover it with a tarp or two to help keep it a bit dry until the sheet metal goes up.

I can't remember if I actually posted that all the trusses are now up, but we put the end ones up Wednesday night.... we're good to go :)


We're also going to install a light or two in the goat shed (and maybe the hay shed next to it) ... we're not running electricity over there though (at least not this year!)... I think we're going to give solar a try... you can buy a kit at Canadian Tire with the panel and everything in it for reasonable money. It should run a couple light bulbs for the short amount of time I want them in the late evening when feeding. Again, we're still researching and trying to figure out what's decent for decent money... so stay tuned ;)

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