Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Shed Construction

Shawn and I worked all day at the shed and got lots done. I posted a couple new pics to the FHH album for anyone that's interested.

We didn't get the metal roofing up today, it was rather windy and the idea of hanging out on the roof with 12ft long pieces of sharp sheet metal in the wind didn't appeal to us... perhaps tomorrow. There was lots to work away on anyhow.

We finished up the roof trussing... we added another truss to each end with support boards so now the OSB sheeting is well supported and should be fine for snow load. It was kind of a fiddly job, cutting the supports and attaching them, but was not too bad.

Somewhere in the middle of this job, we heard Buddy barking in the house... his real serious watch dog bark so we went around the corner of the trees and saw a car in the driveway... it was the JW's again (they were just by last week and Shawn went out to talk to them, clearly he was WAY too nice to them since they came back this week)... anyhow, *I* was out this time and walked over to them (they were just leaving the front door and heading to the car) and asked "Can I help you?"

It was a young guy and a young woman and the young guy spoke and asked how I am and all that. I answered and then when I got closer and was SURE it was the JW's, I said "We are not interested. Take us off your list. If you ever come back here, I will call the police and have you removed!" and we walked back towards where we were working. Once I was there, I stood for a minute and watched them, then pulled out my cell phone and pretended to be making a call... they sure left quickly then!! Hopefully they got the message and won't return.

Then went took a break and had lunch (just bbq'd frozen burgers) and went to Home Depot, you know, cause there's nothing more fun than Home Depot on a Saturday afternoon... UNLESS your home depot also has half of its parking lot fenced off to be repaved. Just lovely. Friggen chaos.

At Home Depot, we bought some more lumber, a couple 12 ft long pieces and then some 1x4 for the trim work. We also bought 8 sheets of styrofoam (24 inch wide x 8 feet long) ... we ended up buying the white beaded styrofoam stuff, it ended up being cheaper per R value and will be fine for our project. We'll cut each sheet in half (so we have 16 - 4ft pieces) and then we'll have to trim them width wise also, since the sheets are 24 inches wide and our studs are on 24 inch centers. A bit of a pain and will be a bit messy, but luckily we have 6 acres for it to blow around on, so no big deal ;)

When we got home, we unloaded everything and started working again... mostly putting up trim boards. I think they look nice and really finish it off. Also cover some, let's say, imperfections ;)

We worked til about 5pm and then Shawn was tired so we cleaned up and called it a day. I was planning to make dinner, but then I decided I really wanted chinese food instead, so we went out and got a combo plate each for supper.

Now its about 8:20pm and I was planning to shower, but we're having a bit of a thunderstorm... quite a bit of lightning... I think I'll just wait a while til it blows over... I'm such a chicken :)

Hopefully tomorow the weather will cooperate and we'll get the metal roofing up... that would be nice to have done and in the past. Then all the rest of the work is not too high up... we can reach it from ladders which is handy. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

I think that's it for now.
-- L


jayne said...

That shed looks FANTASTIC!!!!!
The trim DOES make all the difference.
The redneck deck is grand too, but you guys out did yourself with that goat chateau!!

Sigh, I wish we were neighbours.


jayne said...

Holy Crapola!! The paint looks amazing too!!!!! You guys are making me feel like a SLUG!!

Redneck Deck AND the Beautiful Blue Goat shed. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm jealous!!!!!!!

Madame Slug